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Privacy is our highest concern, we created the app NS Wallet with the mind set that all your private data should be really private and it means that it should stay only under your own control. That's why our password manager NS Wallet is fully offline solution, your data is stored ONLY on your smartphone, tablet or computer. We do not store any bit of your personal data anywhere else, there are no external servers, no clouds.

We wrote this Privacy Policy to provide you in an easy language the information you need to know about how the app handles information and outline your responsibilities to keep your data safe using our products.

Information stored in NS Wallet

Data stored in NS Wallet is encrypted using AES-256 and can be accessed only with master password that you create during app initialization. Master password is a key which is used to encrypt/decrypt your data and without this key your data is just a garbage. Your data is stored only on your device.

Information Collection

When using NS Wallet application, all the data you are entering in the app is stored locally on your device only, we do not transfer or use any bit of your personal data stored in the application. Moreover, all the data is kept always encrypted and is a garbage without your master password.

Collection of Personal Information: Users who contact us via email or via contact form on the application website, the email addresses and information you submitted voluntarily will be collected.

Collection of Non-Personal Information: It includes but is not limited to your device’s configuration, the application ID and version of the application that you use. For the application users who is giving feeedback through NS Wallet Feedback platform, the unique hash of the database id and also premium status of the user is gathered.

Diagnostic Reports: Diagnostic reports can be collected  in case of crashes and this data can be accessed by our technical stuff . These diagnostic reports contain only technical information and are fully anonymous.

We collect and hold only the information absolutely necessary for using our services, as well as limiting the internal access to your personal information for the purposes stated in Information Usage below.

Information Usage

Your information will not be shared with third-party and is only used internally for the purposes described below:

- to respond to your emails, submissions, questions, comments, requests, and complaints and provide customer support service;
- to gather requests for new features and bug reports through GitHub website;

You are welcome to ask for our confirmation whenever you feel concerned about how your personal information is being processed, where and for what purpose.

Your responsibilities for protecting your data

You create a master password when you start using NS Wallet. For your protection, you should create a strong master password to ensure that it is not easily guessed.

It is extremely important that you understand that anyone with your master password and your device can access your data. It is equally important that you keep a copy of master password in a safe place for your own reference. We never ask you for your master password and you should never provide it to anybody.

Some devices can use alternative access to the data using fingerprint or face recognition, using these features makes the life easlier but decreases the level of security for your data

Data Portability

You can generate a copy of your data at any time, free of charge. The data can be saved in secure NS Wallet format to recover it on another phone or platform or in text format or Adobe Reader format for personal usage.

Data Erasure

You can voluntarily delete your data stored in NS Wallet application from your phone by using appropriate option in the app or simply deleting the application.

Updates to our Privacy Policy

At our discretion we may make changes to this Policy and note the date of the last revision. You should check here frequently if you need to know of updates to our Privacy Policy.

Contact Us

If you still have any questions then write e-mail directly to our support team:

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